RITCHEY WCS BEACON Blatte 46 - handlebars

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  • The unique WCS Beacon handlebar is ideal for adventure touring and bikepacking, bringing a whole new level of comfort and control. The main feature is a significant 36° widening of the bottom of the handlebar. As well as the unrivalled ergonomic comfort and stability this wide spread provides, it also allows plenty of room for handlebar bags. The Beacon model allows easy passage of the hands around the handlebars without interfering with the bike's handling when loaded with gear. The subtle change in hand position allows the body to stretch and move while the bike remains stable.

    • Material: 3x reinforced 7050 aluminum
    • Width: 40, 42, 44, 46cm
    • Drop: 80mm
    • Reach: 65mm
    • Drop flare: 36°
    • Flare out: 6°
    • Backsweep: 4.5°
    • Diameter: 31.8mm
    • Weight: 270g (42cm)
    • Compatible with Shimano EW-RS910

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: RITCHEY
    • Product code: 30355427130
    • colour : černá


    WCS BEACON Blatte 46
    WCS BEACON Blatte 46
    WCS BEACON Blatte 46
    WCS BEACON Blatte 46
    WCS BEACON Blatte 46
  • Tom Ritchey is unique. Although president of his company and chief designer, he still manages to ride around 15,000km a year and put his riding knowledge into practice.40 years of innovation - Tom Ritchey was a central figure in the early days of mountain biking - setting the direction in component design and using new materials for all sectors of cycling.

    The reputed durability of Ritchey products is due to stress testing exceeding the required standards several times over. The result - the best weight/strength ratio of components on the market. Ritchey steel frames, always personally welded and tuned by Tom during test rides, consulted with top racers and then manufactured to the highest quality, have become the stuff of legend.