PINGUIN Campus 5 Green - tent for five people

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  • The Campus 5 five-person tent is quick and easy to set up, preserving the advantage of small tents. This double-shell tent consists of an inner tent and an outer shell - the tropico, while the very spacious vestibule can be entered through two different entrances. The construction is dome-shaped and consists of four poles.

    1. Glass laminate rods
    2. The polyester material of the tropic has high UV resistance, retaining its properties even when exposed to sunlight and temperatures for long periods
    3. Simple construction
    4. High reliability
    5. Spacious anteroom
    6. Two entrances
    7. Can create an awning
    If you are looking for a spacious tent for five people with a variety of entrances and a large vestibule, then the Pinguin Campus 5 is the right choice for you.
    • PU-coated canvas, waterproof up to 4000mm of water sl.
    • Nylon underlay - PU coating, waterproof to 10 000mm
    • Ventilation in the top of the dome
    • Seams taped with waterproof tape


    Weight: 12.3 kg
    Weight without bedroom: 10 kg
    Dimensions after packing: ⌀28 x 67 cm
    Number of persons: 5+
    Number of entrances: 2
    Construction: 5
    Number of poles / crossing points: 4 / 1
    Can be erected without bedroom: Yes
    Tent (bedroom) height: 200 (190) cm
    Siliconized: No
    Taped seams: Yes
    Number of pegs: 27
    Category: family
    Material of the poles: laminate
    Diameter of the poles: 13 mm
    Material of the canopy: Polyester, PU wrap 4 000mm H2O
    Liner material: Nylon, PU wrap 10 000mm H2O
    DESIGNATION: Camping

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: PINGUIN
    • Product code: Campus 5 Green
    • colour : zelená
    • Season : přechází

  • Campus 5 Green

    Campus 5 Green
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