• VICTORINOX RANGER - pocket knife

    A 91 mm pocket knife suitable for travel and hiking. Includes scissors, wood saw and file. The number of functions is an incredible 21.

    Welcome to the world of officer's knives. This is where the legend of the Swiss Army knife began. And it continues today with the Ranger pocket knife.

    If you're a professional ranger or love the outdoors, this mid-sized pocket knife with 21 functions is for you
    • large knife
    • small knife
    • drill
    • can opener
    • small screwdriver (also for Phillips screws)
    • bottle opener
    • screwdriver
    • wire stripper
    • reamer, spike
    • stainless steel key ring
    • spring
    • toothpick
    • scissors
    • multi-purpose hook
    • wood saw
    • chisel
    • nail file with
    • metal file
    • nail cleaner
    • iron file
    • fine screwdriver

    Dimensions (length x width x height): 91 x 27 x 23 mm
    Weight: 118 g

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: VICTORINOX
    • Product code: 1.3763
    • colour : Red
    • sizes : 2,3x9,1 cm


  • E-shop with more than dozens of Swiss knives from Victorinox brands. Victorinox's most famous products are small closing multi-tools, which are equipped with other tools besides the knife, such as a can opener, magnifying glass, scissors, saw or file. They come in many combinations, sizes, shapes and blade colours.

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