POC Zonula Clarity Lead Blue/Spektris Orange - ski goggles

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  • The POC Zonula Clarity goggles combine superior functionality with a more sustainable approach to manufacturing to deliver goggles with superior usability. Featuring an exceptionally large field of view and easily interchangeable toric lenses with Clarity technology, these ski goggles are ideal for everything from ski racing to days out with friends on the slopes or in the backcountry.

    Soft frame tabs make it easy to handle the goggles without touching the lenses, and allow you to change lenses by simply squeezing the tabs. The frame and goggle band are made from 47% bio-based materials by weight, balancing strength and durability with reduced environmental impact. A selection of Clarity lenses are available to ensure optimal vision in a variety of lighting conditions.

    Biobased frame materials, easy-to-replace lenses and an exceptionally wide field of view make Zonula glasses an easy choice for all conditions.
    • Clarity lenses are easily interchangeable to give you the best vision in the widest range of lighting conditions.
    • The lenses provided feature Clarity technology to enhance the visual experience.
    • Extremely wide field of view - Large lens provides optimal peripheral vision, allowing you to see and react to potential hazards sooner.
    • Toric lens shape minimizes distortion and provides optimal vision.
    • Frame and strap are made of 47% bio-based materials by weight.
    • Silicone grips on the inside of the strap help keep glasses secure against the helmet.
    • Multiple layers of foam ensure a soft and comfortable fit and conform perfectly to the contours of your face.
    • Ri-Pel Anti-Dirt and Water Treatment - The hydrophobic and oleophobic Ri-Pel treatment protects against dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil and dust, and also makes it easy to clean your lenses so you can always see clearly.
    • Complete UV protection (UV 400) - The glasses provide complete protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
    • An anti-scratch treatment on the outer lens reduces the risk of surface damage and ensures clearer vision.
    • Anti-fog treatment on the inner lens helps reduce internal fogging for clearer vision at increasing intensities.
    • Includes a soft eyeglass case that can be used as a cleaning cloth.

    The glasses meet CE EN174:2001 and ASTM F659 standards.


    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: POC
    • Product code: PC408088270
    • colour : modrá/oranžová

  • Zonula Clarity Lead Blue/Spektris Orange

    Zonula Clarity Lead Blue/Spektris Orange
    Zonula Clarity Lead Blue/Spektris Orange
    Zonula Clarity Lead Blue/Spektris Orange
    Zonula Clarity Lead Blue/Spektris Orange
    Zonula Clarity Lead Blue/Spektris Orange
  • POC is a Swedish company with a strong mission to do the best we can to save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and cyclists.

    POC was founded in 2005 and first entered the market at ISPO, where it also presented its mission. POC's new ideas and solutions to improve the safety of ski racing by reducing the force transmitted to the brain and body in the event of an accident have received a lot of attention.

    The concepts, technologies and materials used and implemented for the helmets and pads were developed in close collaboration with the POC Lab; POC's scientific forum comprising the world's leading sports medicine experts, brain scientists and spinal cord injury specialists.

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