ALPENHEAT Circulation 230V, orange - shoe dryer

  • The Alpenheat Circulation (AD9) is an affordable, portable dryer that dries the entire area using warm air. It is not a hair dryer, so there are no moving parts. It is a dryer and heater in one, so it can ideally be used as a cold shoe preheater as well.

    The design of the Circulation with its connecting cord and support feet, increasing the positioning of the Circulation in the shoe, allows it to be used in any shoe and allows air to circulate freely. Cold air is drawn in through the lower holes into the Circulation, warmed here and then flows out again at higher pressure through the holes on the top.

    Conduction for 230V socket.

    1. Built-in UV light kills bacteria
    2. Compact, portable and lightweight
    3. Easily fits into any shoe
    4. Very quiet


    Output: max 9 Watt
    Weight: 160 g
    Dimensions: 16 x 5 x 3 cm

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: ALPENHEAT
    • Product code: AD9-UV
    • Season : 2023 podzim

  • ALPENHEAT Circulation 230V, orange

    Circulation 230V, orange
    Circulation 230V, orange
    Circulation 230V, orange
    Circulation 230V, orange
  • Originally an American brand, Alpenheat, which has been headquartered in Austria since 2003, manufactures everything that keeps you warm and comfortable in the mountains or in cold weather outside. It offers boot warmers and dryers, heated clothing and gloves, neoprene ski boot covers and Nesmeky. 

    The company puts emphasis on research and further development of its products, thus pushing the level of its products constantly forward.