NATHAN VaporHowe 2- 4L, White/Purple Cactus/Majesty - women's running backpack with reservoir

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  • The Nathan VaporHowe 2 4L Running Backpack was created to meet the demands of ultra-running champion Stephanie Howe. It's very lightweight with "body-mapped" technology allowing designers to apply the right material in exactly the right place to keep athletes dry and comfortable. Body-mapping is a breakthrough concept that analyzes how your body regulates temperature and sweat during physical exertion.

    The vest has an improved shape, pockets and two large soft bottles (soft flask) with a long straw for comfortable drinking while running. The vest is compatible with the drinking bag. It is not included in the backpack.

    Compression Fit ensures that the pack does not bounce or otherwise move uncomfortably when running on your back. It's basically sewn like a garment (vest) so it fits you perfectly.

    Women Fit is the name given to women's backpacks that are sewn to the exact anatomical shape of a woman's body.

    • Fitted with 2 x 600ml soft flasks with long straw
    • weight without bottles 178 g, with bottles 277 g
    • Backpack capacity 4 l
    • two large front pockets
    • one front pocket with waterproof zipper
    • large back pocket with waterproof zipper
    • safety whistle, reflective elements for better visibility
    • Compression Fit, Women Fit
    • Color: White / Purple Cactus / Majesty

    Size Chart

    Size XS S M L XL
    under breast (cm) 76,2-78,7 81,3-83,8 86,4 - 88,9 91,4 - 94 96,5 - 99,1
    through the chest (cm) 86,4 91,4 96,5 102 107

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: NATHAN
    • Product code: 4737N
    • colour : White
    • volume : 4 L

  • NATHAN VaporHowe 2- 4L, White/Purple Cactus/Majesty

    VaporHowe 2- 4L, White/Purple Cactus/Majesty
    VaporHowe 2- 4L, White/Purple Cactus/Majesty
  • Nathan is an American brand tailored to all runners, ultramarathoners, triathletes, hikers and all other athletes for whom nature is their playground. It leads the market with its Running Essentials™ products, which are focused on performance and providing the best conditions for running.

    Nathan's main offerings include hydration vests, belts, handheld running bottles, sports bottles, running accessories - phone holders, "kidney" holders for personal items, reflective vests and other reflective accessories.

    All the products are there to keep you running as long as possible and without restrictions. Nathan Sports products are used by hundreds of thousands of athletes around the world and can be found in over 45 countries. And more are coming. The hashtags #runstronger, #runlonger, #werunonwater or #fireupyourrun are associated with the Nathan brand.

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