WTB KOM TOUGH i35 29" TCS 32 děr černá - rim

  • Tough versions of KOM rims are made from high-grade aluminium alloy and designed for all obstacles, including your unfinished jumps in the bike park. Highly above average durability at a still reasonable weight. Durability is also supported by the I-Beam technology connecting the two inner walls of the rim. Proven on the toughest World Enduro Series trails.

    TCS 2.0 creates a more robust, easy-to-install and reliable tubeless system. A recessed channel along the centers of the TCS 2.0 rims allows for the installation of the all-new Solid Strip, which creates the ideal surface for tubeless tape.

    • Use: Adventure Road / Gravel / Cyclocross / Cross-Country / Trail
    • Maximum wire tension: 110-120KgF


    Inner Width Inner Width Hole Count ERD/strong> Rim Size Designation
    27.5" 25mm 476g 32 567 25-584
    27.5" 29mm 503g 32 568 29-584
    27.5" 35mm 594g 32 568 35-584
    27.5" 40mm 590g 32 568 40-584
    27.5" 45mm 676g 32 571 45-584
    29" 25mm 508g 32 605 60525-622
    29" 29mm 523g 32 606 29-622
    29" 35mm 610g 32 604 35-622
    29" 40mm 627g 32 606 40-622
    29" 45mm 718g 32 606
    622 45-622

    *Weights shown include Solid Strip installed.

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: WTB
    • Product code: W020-0570
    • colour : černá

  • Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) is currently one of the largest manufacturers of bicycle tires, rims and saddles in the world. The WTB range of tyres specialises in off-road cycling. Thus you will find many tyres for trekking, cross-country, trail, enduro or downhill.

    In recent years, the popularity of gravel bikes has been growing and WTB offers the largest number of tyres of different patterns and widths for this category of cyclist of all current brands. WTB was founded on ideas and visions about products that no one knew about until then, and they continue to do so today, still setting the direction of where mountain biking is going today.