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  • Stunning, excellent double-layered underpants will simply put you at ease. Are you a fan of skiing, snowboarding, ski mountaineering, hiking and other winter and fall activities? Then the Devold Duo Active bibs are just what you're looking for. No other underwear can guarantee such moisture wicking. STOP colds and unpleasant inflammations.

    The perfect modern two-layer underwear with excellent functional properties. Excellent moisture wicking and at the same time ideal thermal insulation of the body. Devold® Active has a unique two-layer construction. The two knits are spot bonded together and each has different properties.

    The inner layer consists of ThermoLite hollow fibre , which is very soft and wicks moisture away from the body perfectly. The outer layer is made of soft Total Easy Care® Merino wool, which insulates against the cold and absorbs moisture from the inner layer into the outer layer where it evaporates. This ensures you stay dry and warm during the most demanding activities.

    Devold Duo Active is extremely soft underwear. Flat seams eliminate skin chafing. Even when worn for long periods of time, it doesn't smell, so you feel comfortable and are pleasant to those around you.

    The quality and reliability have already been proven for you by the world's expeditioners and explorers, sportsmen, mountain hut workers and various organizations such as the Mountain Service.

    Ideal for autumn and winter sports (skiing, cycling), hiking and other activities on cold days at temperatures of -20 °C to +10 °C
    • Thanks to the finest merino wool, it does not scratch or bite.
    • Easy to care for: machine wash, tumble dry
    • Thanks to the elasticity of the fibre, wool clothing does not wrinkle, is highly durable and long-lasting
    • You will be warm, dry and comfortable in any weather.
    • Breathable material - better wicking of sweat from the body surface
    • Soft to the touch and adaptable to your body - extreme comfort when moving
    • Resistant to odor - you don't have to wash it as often (great for longer hikes)
    • Flat seams - eliminates skin chafing
    • Ideal as a base layer for additional layering
    • Doubled material on cuffs - greater dimensional stability, resistance to mechanical damage
    • Thanks to its double knitted fabric, it stands out for its perfect moisture wicking and high thermal insulation
    • 80% natural merino wool - keeps you warm even when wet


    Outer layer: 80% Merino wool, 20% Polyamide, weight: 205g/m2, fibre: 20.5 micron
    Inner layer: 100% Thermolite

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: DEVOLD
    • Product code: GO-237-110-A-950A
    • colour : černá
    • Season : přechází

  • Quality, long-lasting garments since 1853. Famous polar explorers such as Ellsworth, Amundsen and Nansen chose Devold knitted sweaters, caps, socks and underwear for their expeditions. The same patterns that helped members of these expeditions survive the harshest climate in the world are still in production today! High-quality natural sheep's wool is still the basic material used in Devold clothing.

    Outdoor enthusiasts choose Devold because it is both functional and comfortable for long term wear.

    Devold functional underwear will stand up to years of use and never go out of style!

    Put Devold to the natural test and you'll never want to settle for anything but quality Devold clothing again.


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