TRIMM HARDY grafit black - men's hiking trousers

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  • The perfectly fitting hiking trousers are sophisticated in every detail. The combination of highly durable nylon material with elastic parts in the most stressed areas guarantees freedom of movement. Ideal not only for hiking, but also for travelling or casual wear. Possibility of shortening the length.

    • 4 way stretch material
    • Two side pockets
    • Perfect freedom of movement
    • Shortenable length

    Material: 100% Nylon Ripstop Bi-Stretch, DWR

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: TRIMM
    • Product code: HARDY grafit black
    • colour : šedá/černá

  • HARDY graphite black

    HARDY graphite black
  • TRIMM is quality clothing and equipment, following fashion trends and the latest technology and materials. We sell quality clothing and equipment - tents, sleeping bags, car mattresses, backpacks and other accessories. Best prices and free shipping.

    The word "trim" has its origins in sailing - trimming the sails on a boat involves careful work to set the right course and balance so that the boat can easily and quickly go forward. Since 2000, the TRIMM brand has been providing the right balance between quality and price

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