HEY SPORT Shoe Fresh 100 ml - shoe deodorant

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    HEY SPORT® Shoe Fresh removes unpleasant odours from shoes and leaves a fresh scent for a long time. The special formula is suitable for all types of shoes, from sneakers to boots to motorcycle boots. The product is also very gentle on the skin.

    • Volume: 100 ml
    • Warranty period 24 months
    • Manufacturer HEY SPORT, made in Germany
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: HEY SPORT
    • Product code: SR00041

  • High quality athletic & leisure clothing should always be washed and cared for with products that protect the longevity of the fibres and waterproofing. HEY Sport developed intelligent cleaning products and waterproofing product for textiles and leather. These products surround the fibres of your clothing and actively repel water. Enjoy a longer lifespan for your clothes!

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