TREKMATES Mummy PES/BA 230x80 cm - Sleeping bag liner

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  • The Trekmates sleeping bag liner has several functions - it serves as additional insulation, a measure against getting dirty, so that the sleeping bag does not have to be washed often, because washing reduces its insulating capacity, and it is also excellent as a hygienic liner in case you sleep under an errands blanket in the cottage.

    The liner is made of a comfortable material that breathes well and wicks away moisture.
    • mummy shape
    • small package
    • very light weight
    • supplied in packaging

    Material: polyester/cotton
    Colour: blue
    Dimension: 230 x 80 x 50 cm
    Dimension after packing: 13 x 7 cm
    Weight: 280 g

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: TREKMATES
    • Product code: M05303
    • colour : modrá
    • sizes : 230x80x50 cm

  • Trekmates began manufacturing outdoor accessories in 1997. Based in a garage in Nottingham, the father and son team began developing low-cost gloves and hats for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

    We combine price and performance to get the best value, taking note of what adventures you'll be using our accessories on and selecting the most appropriate features you'll need - while getting rid of unnecessary extras that will weigh you down. Where possible, we've designed our accessories with multi-functional features to increase their versatility and value, so you can use them for a variety of activities wherever your adventure takes you.

    We've developed innovative new products to overcome the challenges often encountered in the outdoors, and we've used our experience as walkers, climbers and general outdoor enthusiasts to create exceptionally functional accessories that we know are needed on every adventure.

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