YATE Elastické samofixační obinadlo – set 2 ks - bandage

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  • A sports aid to strengthen muscles and joints and to protect against injury. Can also be used as a quick bandage for minor injuries. The bandage is highly breathable, lightweight and easy to use. The surface is made on the principle of Velcro, so it holds perfectly and no fasteners are needed for the ends.


    Material: non-woven spandex and natural latex

    General product information

    Warranty period 24 months

    Manufacturer Yate

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: YATE
    • Product code: SA04652
    • Season : přechází

  • Elastic self-fixing bandage - set of 2

    Elastic self-fixing bandage - set of 2
  • The YATE brand forms the basis and the largest part of our offer. It has been manufacturing products for more than 27 years and is mainly known for its outdoor equipment. Many customers have associated YATE primarily with its wide range of caravans. But today these form only part of our outdoor collection, the catalogue includes a wide range of products for hiking, camping and climbing.

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