FOX Launch Enduro, grey - elbow protector

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  • The Fox Launch Knee Pad is lightweight, easy to put on and the soft pad provides functional coverage.

    Made from a combination of polyester and neoprene. Comfortable to use thanks to the absence of straps and buckles, perforated breathable design, the protection panel is made of abrasion resistant material. Stretch function for unrestricted movement.

    • Lightweight, functional coverage.
    • Articulated, perforated neoprene provides an ergonomic and comfortable fit.
    • An area of padding with an abrasion-resistant outer panel ensures proper coverage and durability.
    • Lightweight back panel does not impede movement and provides moisture wicking.
    • All mountain/ Trail use
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: FOX
    • Product code: 09561 006
    • colour : šedá

  • Launch Enduro, grey

    Launch Enduro, grey
    Launch Enduro, grey
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