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    With this top-of-the-range tent and its spacious vestibule, take on all the vagaries of the weather you may encounter on your expedition. Its lightweight construction is equipped with a special fixation system. It combines fabric tunnels and buckle fastening.

    Two people can fit comfortably in this version at the same time, and it will also provide shelter for three people in an emergency. Don't forget to pack the Felen tent, especially for mountain expeditions in really challenging conditions. But you won't go wrong even if you only take it with you on a camping holiday or a trek through nature.

    Both the tent shell and the groundsheet are of course made of high-quality materials that guarantee resistance to external influences, breathability and comfort.

    Accessories: duralumin lightweight stakes, repair kit, compression sleeve

    Felen Husky stands out for its extremely light weight, easy handling during construction and high stability.
    • Ultralight tent
    • Lightweight duralumin construction and stakes
    • RIPSTOP material treatment
    • Tent certification
    • UV protection
    • Tent for 2-3 persons
    • Easy handling
    • High stability
    • Special fixation system


    Dimensions: (W × D × H ) 150 × 320 × 130 cm
    Dimensions: (folded tent) 50 × 20 cm
    Weight: min./4.4 kg / 4.8 kg
    Construction: double skin self-supporting tent with outer structure
    Outer tent: 210T polyester, PU cover 6000 mm/cm², taped seams
    Inner tent: Breathable Nylon 210T + mesh mosquito net
    Sheet: 190T Polyester, PU coating 10000 mm/cm²
    Supporting poles: duralumin bars ø 8.5 mm

    Maintenance and practical advice
    After each use, the tent should be cleaned and dried thoroughly before storage. The tent should only be cleaned with lukewarm water to avoid damaging the cover. Drying should be avoided even if it has not rained while camping. Moisture will precipitate outside and inside with any use.
    When necessary, clean the tent with lukewarm water and a mild soap-based cleaner. Never use fabric softener and bleach or other aggressive products. Wash the tent with a sponge or soft cloth.
    The tent should be stored in a dry environment.The lifetime of the tent and the floor can be extended by regular treatment with impregnating products designed for this purpose.
    A repair kit is included with each tent for repairs in case of unexpected problems such as tears in the fabric, etc. This kit includes a segment of replacement rod, patches of the fabric used on the particular tent and glue. Any damage should be removed as soon as possible.
    When erecting a tent, it is a good idea to take a good look at the area where you want to erect the tent and remove sharp objects to avoid damage.
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: HUSKY
    • Product code: 1H0-5561
    • colour : zelená

  • HUSKY Felen 2-3 green

    Felen 2-3 green
    Felen 2-3 green
    Felen 2-3 green
    Felen 2-3 green
    Felen 2-3 green
    Felen 2-3 green
    Felen 2-3 green
    Felen 2-3 green
    Felen 2-3 green
  • HUSKY was founded in 1993 to manufacture and market camping equipment and sportswear. It offers complete equipment for outdoor enthusiasts, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, winter and summer textiles.

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