PINGUIN Campus 3 Green - stan pro tři osoby

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  • The Campus 3 three-person tent is quick and easy to set up. This two-shell tent consists of an inner tent and an outer shell - the tropico, and you can enter the very spacious vestibule through two different entrances. The construction is dome-shaped and consists of four poles.

    1. Glass laminate poles
    2. The polyester material of the tropic has a high UV resistance, retaining its properties even when exposed to sunlight and temperatures for a long time
    3. Easy to build
    4. High reliability
    5. High reliability
    6. Spacious vestibule
    7. Two entrances
    8. Removable vestibule liner
    If you are looking for a spacious three-person tent with variable entrances and a spacious vestibule, then the Pinguin Campus 3 is the right choice for you.
    • Tropic PU wrap, waterproof up to 4,000mm waterproof
    • Nylon floor - PU wrap, waterproof. 10,000mm
    • Vent in the top of the dome
    • Seams taped with waterproof tape

    Weight: 6.5 kg
    Weight without bedroom.9 kg
    Dimensions after packing: ⌀19 x 59 cm
    Number of persons: 2 - 3
    Number of entrances: 2
    Construction: 5
    Number of poles / crossing points: 4 / 1
    Can be erected without bedroom: Yes
    Tent (bedroom) height: 135 (130) cm
    Siliconized: No
    Taped seams: Yes
    Number of pegs: 21
    Category: Trekking
    Material of poles: Laminate
    Diameter of poles: 9.5 mm
    Material of tropico: Polyester, PU coating 4 000mm H2O
    Liner material: Nylon, PU coating 10 000mm H2O
    DESIGNATION: Hiking, Trekking

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: PINGUIN
    • Product code: Campus 3 Green
    • colour : zelená
    • Season : 2022 jaro

  • Outdoor clothing and equipment Pinguin. Czech brand with a history and a hallmark of quality. Choose from outdoor clothing and equipment for light and extreme hiking.

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