YATE EVA CLASSIC WIDE 1,0 černá + gumičky - Karimatka

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  • YATE EVA CLASSIC WIDE - car mattress

    The EVA material is manufactured under high pressure, giving it a uniform and closed cell structure. This gives it excellent mechanical resistance, is dimensionally stable and does not absorb water.

    EVA mattresses are lightweight and almost indestructible - products from the 1990s still serve their owners well and even many scratches do not reduce their functionality. Because of their excellent properties, they are widely used for VHT and mountaineering and are used by expeditions to the highest mountains.

    • Excellent mechanical resistance
    • Low weight
    • Includes drawstring elastic band
    • Cleaning: do not wash, clean only with a damp cloth
    • Do not expose to temperatures above 70°C
    • Pressing the straps into the material does not alter the product's performance characteristics


    Material: EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
    Color: black
    Weight: 312 g
    Dimension: 190x60x1 cm
    Thermal resistance 1.5

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: YATE
    • Product code: M00245
    • sizes : 190x60x1 cm
    • colour : černá

  • YATE EVA CLASSIC WIDE 1,0 black + rubber bands

    EVA CLASSIC WIDE 1,0 black + rubber bands
  • The YATE brand forms the basis and the largest part of our offer. It has been manufacturing products for more than 27 years and is mainly known for its outdoor equipment. Many customers have associated YATE primarily with its wide range of caravans. But today these form only part of our outdoor collection, the catalogue includes a wide range of products for hiking, camping and climbing.

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