SEA TO SUMMIT COMFORT LIGHT INSUL MAT L - inflatable car mattress

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  • COMFORT LIGHT INSUL MAT Large - car mattress

    The developers at Sea to Summit set out to design a mattress that was better than all the other mattresses that are commonly available. "Better" is, of course, a very high ambition. But when they mastered the lightest or most compact mattress, there was no problem combining these parameters to create a top-of-the-line Comfort Plus Insulated mattress that will make you sleep more comfortably than in bed at home.

    The multi-function valve integrates an inflatable port with a one-way valve to prevent air loss before you seal it. A quick-drain air outlet and fine-tuning button for convenient adjustment.

    The difference between this Comfort Light Insul and the Comfort Plus Insul is that this mattress is designed in a single-layer construction in the head and leg areas, as these areas, unlike the torso, are not as stressed and therefore not as coated.

    Package contents: Carrier, transport case (also used to inflate the mattress), repair kit with six adhesives, replacement valve

    • Size L = Large 201 x 64 cm
    • Rounded shape
    • INSUL = thermal insulation
    • LIGHT = double layer construction in torso area, single layer construction in head and leg area
    • Double layer construction with double layer of cells in the torso area
    • Single layer construction in the head and leg region
    • Can be inflated using the transport sleeve see second video
    • Two layers are offset for more even insulation and cushioning
    • Multi-cell weight and shape distribution
    • Exkin Platinum® is a very lightweight, quiet non-woven
    • Exkin Platinum® thermal technology reflects lost heat back to the user
    • Thermolite® insulation
    • TPE lamination is more durable, more consistent


    Weight: 755 g
    Dimensions: 201 x 64 cm
    Cover dimensions: 11 x 26 cm
    Material: 40D rip-stop nylon fabric
    Insulation: 100% polyester
    Thickness: 6.3 cm

    Air Sprung Cells™ Technology
    Each cell deforms independently of the mattress, conforming to the shape of your body. These features make the mattress softer and more comfortable, with greater contact with the body and even pressure distribution.

    For more info on Sea To Summit mattresses, please see here

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: SEA TO SUMMIT
    • Product code: AMCLINS_L
    • colour : zelená


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