ADVENTURE MENU Kuřecí supreme s ratatouille, 75g - vacuum dried food

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  • Don't expect neatly stacked slices of vegetables like the mouse in the movie. But what you can expect is the great taste of fresh vegetables steamed together with tomato puree and a blend of spices. Chicken breast marinated for a day, then roasted whole and finally sliced thin. A perfect light meal to eat quietly in the middle of the day before the next exercise.

    Product Ingredients
    Chicken breast (27%), eggplant (22%), zucchini (22%), red pepper (15%), tomato paste (9%), olive oil, canola oil, turmeric, salt, paprika, garlic, oregano, pepper, spices Allergy Information.

    75g (400g final meal)

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  • ADVENTURE MENU Chicken supreme with ratatouille, 75g

    Chicken supreme with ratatouille, 75g
  • They have created the Adventure Menu so that everyone can enjoy the trip to the fullest, with gusto and without worries. We know ourselves how important it is to feel good and have plenty of natural nutrients and energy, especially when travelling. The Adventure Menu is not just about satisfying the hunger and needs of the body. There is much more to it than meets the eye. For some it's the light at the end of the tunnel, for others it's enjoying time with family. Whether your adventure is small or large, try to enjoy it to the fullest.


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