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  • New generation of the popular Fenix E12 V2.0 pocket flashlight with one AA pencil battery. The powerful LED MATCH CA18 provides a light output of up to 160 lumens (ANSI). Its compact size and weight of only 27.3 grams make the flashlight suitable for everyday carry (EDC).

    A unique innovation is the special collimator that creates a wide light cone with an astonishing 68 meters range. The collimator is made with technology used in the auto industry and is only 3 millimeters high. The Fenix E12 features three power modes with up to 70 hours of operation.

    The Fenix E12 is of high quality construction, durable and IP68 waterproof. This flashlight is the successor to the first generation Fenix E12.

    All flashlight parameters (lumen output, battery life, waterproof, range and shockproof) are measured in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009.

    • Powerful MATCH CA18 LED with 50000 hours of life is used
    • Three power modes
    • Lifetimes are measured with the included alkaline battery
    • Uses one pencil battery (AA type - alkaline, lithium or rechargeable NiMH)
    • Batteries are inexpensive and widely available
    • The Energizer L91 Ultimate Lithium batteries will provide the longest run time
    • Protection against accidental insertion of the battery in reverse (reverse polarity)
    • Special super-thin collimator only 3 mm high
    • Solid steel double-sided clip for safe and easy carrying of the flashlight
    • Durable surface - Type III hard anodized
    • Resistant to drops from 1 meter
    • Waterproof to IP68 standard

    160 lumens (1 hour) -> 30 lumens (13 hours) -> 5 lumens (70 hours).

    To turn on, press the power switch located on the end of the flashlight. The flashlight will always turn on to the lowest mode of 5 lumens. With the flashlight on, you can change power modes at any time by pressing the button (cycles through low - medium - high).
    Do not disassemble the sealed part in the flashlight head yourself, it will void the warranty. Use only high quality pencil batteries to avoid damaging the flashlight, for example due to battery leakage. If the protective rubber rings appear damaged after prolonged use, replace them. The rings should also be lubricated to prevent erosion of the rubber. By following these rules, the flashlight will be properly protected against water. If the flashlight flickers or does not light up, it may be due to one of the following reasons: the batteries are almost dead - replace them. The contacts inside the flashlight are clogged - clean them with a sponge dipped in alcohol. The lamp body is loose - tighten it.

    Dimensions: 7.76 cm (length) x 1.9 cm (head diameter) x 1.76 (body diameter)
    Weight: 27.3 grams (without battery)
    Material: T6 aerospace hardened aluminium
    Lumen output: up to 160 lumens
    Range: 68 m

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: FENIX
    • Product code: E12V20
    • colour : černá

  • FENIX E12 V2.0

    E12 V2.0
    E12 V2.0
    E12 V2.0
    E12 V2.0
    E12 V2.0
    E12 V2.0
    E12 V2.0
    E12 V2.0
    E12 V2.0
  • Fenix is the high-tech leading brand for outdoor sports lighting including high-end flashlights, headlamps, bicycle lights, camping lanterns, headlamps, rechargeable flashlights and accessories