PINGUIN Kettle S 0,7l - camping kettle

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  • Small camping kettle. Compact 0,7L camping kettle made of aluminium with anodized surface. Anodizing (also Eloxing) creates a very strong and hard layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the material, which prevents further oxidation, increases the strength of the material and its resistance to abrasion.

    • Low weight
    • Great collapsibility
    • Transportable packaging

    Material: Anodised aluminium
    Weight: 165 g
    Parts in set 1 pc
    Number of persons 1 - 2
    Total/usable volume *900 / 700 ml

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: PINGUIN
    • Product code: Kettle S 0.7L
    • colour : Black
    • Season : přechází

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