WOLF TOOTH 31.8mm fialová - saddle sleeve

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  • A precision-made saddle sleeve clamps the seatpost in the frame as well as it looks. The designed clamping system aligns the bolt thread flush and prevents it from bending. As a result, the distribution of clamping force is precise and less tightening torque is needed to achieve a tight connection. Available in six diameters and several beautiful colors.

    Weight: 29.8mm - 18g | 31.8mm - 19g | 34.9mm - 20g | 36.4mm - 20g | 38.6061 T6 aluminum, M5 stainless steel bolt with integrated washer

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: WOLF TOOTH
    • Product code: SC-32-PRP
    • colour : fialová

  • WOLF TOOTH 31.8mm fialová

    31.8mm fialová
    31.8mm fialová
  • An American company, based and manufacturing in Minnesota, that has made a name for itself by producing quality bicycle accessories and gadgets. In particular, their single-speed drivetrains covering most of the cranks available on the market, along with their seamlessness, durability and craftsmanship are already legendary.

    However, Wolf tooth is constantly adding more and more unique products to their portfolio that are patented and handcrafted in the USA. Designed by the riders themselves, these "universal" parts often serve as an add-on to the mass-produced offerings of the major brands. With craftsmanship and attention to detail, however, they raise the bar for quality.