LIFEVENTURE Shampoo Leaves - Shampoo

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    Compact slices that dissolve on contact with water and act as a shampoo. Shampoo Leaves lathers in fresh and semi-salty water. Light as a feather and small, these disposable shampoo leaves are specifically and individually designed for head washing.

    Each miniature and waterproof pack contains 50 fresh pieces of delicately scented cleanliness.
    • Single shampoo sheets
    • Complies with airport customs requirements
    • One pack contains 50 sheets

    Dimension of 1 sheet: 45 x 67 x 15 mm
    Weight of 1 sheet: 14 g

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: LIFEVENTURE
    • Product code: LV62006
    • sizes : 4,5x6,7x1,5 cm
    • Season : přechází

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