OPINEL VRI N°10 Inox Slim rukojeť africké dřevo - Knife

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  • The Slim range (also Effilés in French) is elegant and highly ergonomic. No8 and 10 can be used as pocket knives. The No12 is a great table knife, while the No15 is used for filleting fish on the go.

    All the thin knives have a narrow flexible blade, the smallest are great for slicing fruit and vegetables and the larger fillets. Keep in mind that the thin knives have a slightly flexible blade and are not meant to be used for heavy duty tasks.

    • Elegant
    • ergonomic
    • quality material
    • flexible blade


    Blade material: stainless steel Sandvik 12C27
    Handle material: African wood
    Blade length: 10 cm

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: OPINEL
    • Product code: A0045953

  • VRI N°10 Inox Slim handle African wood

    VRI N°10 Inox Slim handle African wood
  • Legendary French Opinel wine knives. A wide range of beautiful knives with wooden handles. Closing, kitchen, cutlery and children's knives. Simply classic. In stock, free shipping from 999 CZK. 

    In 1890 Joseph Opinel designed his first pocket knife in Savoie (French Alps), creating an instrument that was as sturdy and functional as it was simple and beautiful. That same pocket knife is today an iconic design object: instantly recognisable, immediately useful and loved by generations. Designed to stand the test of time, these knives and tools are made with Opinel's original commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

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