SENSOR COOLMAX TECH pánské triko kr.rukáv deep blue - pánské triko krátký rukáv

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  • Lightweight single-ply stretch patterned knit that forms the perfect combination of Coolmax Fresh functional polyester fibre, micro polyester fibre and elastane. The micro polyester fibre used significantly improves the feel. The antibacterial properties are further enhanced by the additional Silver Plus coating, which prevents the growth of bacteria and the spread of odours.

    The knitted fabric profile and material composition guarantee excellent properties such as high moisture wicking, high elasticity as well as shape stability and strength. The knitted fabric is resistant to UVA and UVB rays at the level of sunscreens with an index of 50.

    • Certified knit
    • Enriched with silver ions
    • Refined anatomical cut that does not restrict freedom of movement
    • Highly functional technical first layer
    • Lightweight knit, stretchy and quick-drying material
    • Permanent antibacterial protection to prevent odour
    • Flat seams
    • Many colour options
    • Softness, lightweight and highly breathable


    Activity: Indoor Sports, Running, Cycling, Hiking, Skiing and Cross-Country
    Breathability: Extra Breathable
    Warmth: Cooling
    Drying Speed: Supreme
    Weight Category: Light
    Material Features: ANTI-ODOUR,UPF 25+,SOFT,BREATHES
    Material Weight: 140
    Material Range: Coolmax Tech: LIGHT weight, 42% PES COOLMAX® Fresh, 51% PESh micro, 7% Lycra
    Layer: First
    Gender: Men
    Sleeve Length: Short
    Shirt Design: Anatomical fit with no print

    Coolmax EcoMade Technology
    We've come up with another new take on Coolmax Ecomade material. The garment retains the same properties and benefits as before while being more environmentally friendly. The fibre contains a high percentage of recycled material (97%) and thus mitigates the environmental impact. It is made from used plastic bottles that are transformed in six steps to serve as the basis of our functional clothing. The new material wicks moisture away from the body even better, so you'll feel great the entire time you wear it.
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: SENSOR
    • Product code: 22100020
    • colour : modrá

  • COOLMAX TECH pánské triko kr.rukáv deep blue

    COOLMAX TECH pánské triko kr.rukáv deep blue
    COOLMAX TECH pánské triko kr.rukáv deep blue
    COOLMAX TECH pánské triko kr.rukáv deep blue
    COOLMAX TECH pánské triko kr.rukáv deep blue
  • Czech manufacturer Sensor is a specialist in the production of sportswear and thermal underwear. Sensor has become a synonym for functional thermal underwear, socks, cycling clothing and good mood. Behind the creation of the Sensor brand was the desire to produce thermal underwear that is highly functional yet more comfortable than a mouse fur coat. During its existence, the Sensor brand has achieved many remarkable successes and has become a leader in the field of functional clothing in the Czech Republic.