SOURCE Stream Men's Triangles Blue - sandals

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  • The Source Stream men's sandals offer better insole material and strap padding compared to the Classic model. The STREAM model of men's sandals from SOURCE is one of the brand's classics. After years of testing and refinement in the field in all kinds of weather, this model comes in the best possible form. The sandals provide unrivalled durability and performance.

    The Stream sandals are equipped with a very comfortable and grippy insole that ensures you have comfortable and safe steps. Moreover, it ensures that your foot will not slip in the sandals.

    The sandals are also equipped with an antibacterial treatment and because they are open, there is no sweating and the foot is perfectly ventilated. The bottom sole is non-slip and made of a rubber compound.

    Top Stream sandals from SOURCE that will last you for years!!!
    1. X-Strap® patent:
      A unique system of anchoring 3 straps at 6 points into the midsole, each strap is anchored independently, allowing optimal tightening around almost every foot.
    2. Triple-Layer Sole:
      A sole made of three layers: contact insole, cushioning midsole, grippy outsole, together forming a well-tuned unit with an optimal combination of parameters such as: grip, durability, shock absorption and weight
    3. A.R.T 1™:
      Original rubber compound outsole
    4. A.R.T2™:
      Rubber compound with very good adhesion and grip even in wet conditions. R.A.R..
    5. Quick-drying tapes:
      Made of soft hollow polypropylene that dries 2x faster than conventional nylon or polyester tapes
    6. Option Mules:
      Easily open the heel strap to make slippers out of sandals
    7. Unique ID™ Number:
      Makes it easy to track down all the necessary provenance data in the event of a product defect
    • Perfect comfort
    • Lightweight material
    • High safety
    • Quick-drying material
    • Long durability
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Antibacterial treatment
    • Air ventilation
    • Zipped transport bag included

    Weight: 655 g (pair in size 42)

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    • Manufacturer: SOURCE
    • Product code: 101021TB
    • colour : modrá
    • sex : male

  • SOURCE Stream Men's Triangles Blue

    Stream Men's Triangles Blue
    Stream Men's Triangles Blue
    Stream Men's Triangles Blue
  • SOURCE is a pioneer in hydration systems and sandal technology and has been known for tactical gear, hiking sandals, hydration and travel accessories for over 20 years.

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