RELAX ROP03B Speedmaster Evo Jr. - Spine protector

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  • Innovated spine protector integrated into a maximum ventilated comfortable vest. The patent-protected intelligent 3D SHOCK PROTECTION material stands out for its flexibility and ability to absorb strong impacts. The flexible soft material of the protector adapts perfectly to the shape of the body in all circumstances without restricting movement. On impact, the material instantly stiffens and absorbs the impact energy, providing the most effective protection to date. The wide PRO BELT waist strap, located on the outside of the vest, hugs the body tightly, becomes part of you and aids in proper ergonomics. The massive AIR STREAM ventilation channels ensure perfect ventilation even during high intensity physical activity.

    S: 152 - 164 cm, M: 164 - 178 cm, L: 178 - 184 cm, XL: 184 - 190 cm, XXL: 190+

    The durability of the protector is guaranteed by the proven safety according to CE EN 1621-2/14, level 1
    Protector material: flexible and durable 3D SHOCK PROTECTION

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: RELAX
    • Product code: ROP03B
    • colour : černá
    • Season : přechází

  • ROP03B Speedmaster Evo Jr.

    ROP03B Speedmaster Evo Jr.
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