POC Fovea Mid Clarity Comp + Hydrogen White/Spektris Blue - ski goggles

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  • The POC Fovea Mid Clarity+ goggles have been designed to fit all face types. The Fovea Mid features Fovea's renowned frame details and toric glass to ensure maximum vertical and peripheral vision. The Fovea a now incorporates a new glass specifically developed for racing under artificial light at night. This glass filters out excess green light from artificial light sources, so your vision will be sharper even after dark.

    The softly coated PU frame and triple-layer foam conforms to your face and stays flexible even in the coldest temperatures, meaning these ski and snowboard goggles are suitable for use in the deepest winter. Specially placed ventilation holes in the glass minimise steaming and promote sharp, clear vision at all times.

    The Fovea Mid Clarity goggles come standard with Clarity category 2 lenses with a VLT of 22%. Clarity lens technologies are developed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss. Clarity lenses filter out specific peaks in the color spectrum, enhancing contrast and light for clear vision, making it easier to read the snow and see everything on the slopes, making it easier to avoid potential hazards and stay safe while skiing. The lenses are treated to prevent scratching and fogging. A soft goggle case is included with purchase.


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  • POC is a Swedish company with a strong mission to do the best we can to save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and cyclists.

    POC was founded in 2005 and first entered the market at ISPO, where it also presented its mission. POC's new ideas and solutions to improve the safety of ski racing by reducing the force transmitted to the brain and body in the event of an accident have received a lot of attention.

    The concepts, technologies and materials used and implemented for the helmets and pads were developed in close collaboration with the POC Lab; POC's scientific forum comprising the world's leading sports medicine experts, brain scientists and spinal cord injury specialists.

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