CAMELBAK Podium Dirt Series Chill 0,62l Black - bidon

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  • Camelbak Podium Dirt Series Chill insulated bottles keep your drink at temperature 2x longer compared to a normal bottle. They are made of BPA, BPS and BPF-free polypropylene with Hydroguard technology to ensure a true-to-life beverage taste without a plastic aftertaste.

    Thanks to the patented Jet Valve self-closing mouthpiece, which is protected against dirt by a cap, water does not drip from the bottle. Plus, it features a full twist cap for transporting full bottles. The cap and mouthpiece are easy to disassemble and clean. Thanks to the perfect shape, the Podium Chill bottle is easy to hold on the bike, easy to squeeze and you will never lose it from the basket.

    1. Double-Wall Construction:
      Keeps water cold twice as long
    2. Optimized Holder Fit:
      Designed to fit securely into a variety of bottle holders
    3. Easy-to-clean interface:
      All parts can be separated for thorough cleaning
    • Keeps your mouth clean and your drink cold twice as long.
    • Nozzle cover: keeps dirt out and your mouth clean


    Capacity: 0.62L
    Cap Material: the Jet Valve™ is made of medical grade, self-closing silicone.
    BPA/BPS/BPF free
    Dimensions: 7.3 x 7.3 x 24 cm

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    • Season : 2024 jaro

  • Camelbak - American manufacturer and inventor of drinking bag backpacks. Cycling, outdoor, ski and running backpacks, bottles, thermoses and accessories.

    The first predecessor of today's CamelBak backpacks was created in 1988 during the HotterN'Hell 100-mile bicycle race in Texas, USA. One of the competitors, Michael Eidson, after much thought, decided to tackle hydration in the August heat in a completely original way. He took advantage of his civilian job as a paramedic and brought an infusion bag he had borrowed from an ambulance to the race. He filled it with water, hid it in his sock, stuck it in the back pocket of his jersey, threw the tube over his shoulder and attached it with a clothespin. Never mind that the other racers laughed at him. The first hands free hydration was born. No one knew then what this invention would evolve into and how it would affect outdoor athletes around the world.