CAMELBAK MULE Evo 12 Black - cycling backpack

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  • The evolution continues - the latest reincarnation of a backpack that is undoubtedly part of MTB history is called the M.U.L.E. Evo 12. The backpack is waterproof and the straps borrow from our increasingly popular bike vests.

    There's a wide pocket where you can fit your phone, so you'll always have it close at hand. So you can easily make a phone call or check a map without having to stop and take off your pack.

    • waterproof construction
    • helmet attachment straps
    • integrated tool organizer
    • wide cell phone pocket on strap


    RESERVOIR: Crux™ 3L (Quick Link™ system)
    BACK SYSTEM: Air Support™ with Body Mapping Technology
    Storage capacity: 12L
    WEIGHT: 510 g

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: CAMELBAK
    • Product code: 2519002000
    • volume : 12 L
    • colour : černá
    • vodní rezervoár : yes

  • CAMELBAK MULE Evo 12 Black

    MULE Evo 12 Black
    MULE Evo 12 Black
    MULE Evo 12 Black
  • Camelbak - American manufacturer and inventor of drinking bag backpacks. Cycling, outdoor, ski and running backpacks, bottles, thermoses and accessories.

    The first predecessor of today's CamelBak backpacks was created in 1988 during the HotterN'Hell 100-mile bicycle race in Texas, USA. One of the competitors, Michael Eidson, after much thought, decided to tackle hydration in the August heat in a completely original way. He took advantage of his civilian job as a paramedic and brought an infusion bag he had borrowed from an ambulance to the race. He filled it with water, hid it in his sock, stuck it in the back pocket of his jersey, threw the tube over his shoulder and attached it with a clothespin. Never mind that the other racers laughed at him. The first hands free hydration was born. No one knew then what this invention would evolve into and how it would affect outdoor athletes around the world.

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