SENSOR MERINO ACTIVE polo pánské triko kr.rukáv deep blue - men's shirt neck sleeve

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  • The Merino Wool Active T-shirt is made from high quality Merino wool from New Zealand. The Merino wool t-shirt is very comfortable on the body, thanks to its fine and long fibres it naturally absorbs and wicks away moisture, keeping you warm even when wet. The Merino T-shirt is odour resistant even when worn for long periods of time. Merino has excellent thermoregulating properties.

    • An odour resistant
    • High quality Merino wool from New Zealand
    • Keeps moisture away, wicks perspiration away from skin
    • Merino contains lanolin, which has lasting antibacterial properties
    • This is a fully renewable product

    Material: 100% merino wool
    Weight: 160g

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: SENSOR
    • Product code: 23100039
    • colour : modrá

  • Czech manufacturer Sensor is a specialist in the production of sportswear and thermal underwear. Sensor has become a synonym for functional thermal underwear, socks, cycling clothing and good mood. Behind the creation of the Sensor brand was the desire to produce thermal underwear that is highly functional yet more comfortable than a mouse fur coat. During its existence, the Sensor brand has achieved many remarkable successes and has become a leader in the field of functional clothing in the Czech Republic.

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