HANNAH Galle, Misty - women's sweatshirt

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  • The Hannah Galle women's fleece hoodie has a handy full-zip cut and a practical hood. You will appreciate it in colder or windier weather. You'll also benefit from a few seams in key places, which make the sweatshirt adapt better not only to your body shape, but also to your movements.

    The Galle sweatshirt is made using the brand's Polarsoft Micro material. This soft and lightweight fleece knit is very comfortable to the touch and is commonly used for ski wear.

    • Bullet hoodie
    • Practical hood
    • Excellent thermal insulation properties
    • Reinforced seams in stressed areas
    • Great fit to the body
    • Comfortable material

    Material: 100% Polyester

    Polarsoft Micro
    Polarsoft Micro material is a soft and lightweight fleece knit used for various insulating layers of clothing. The material is comfortable to the touch and products made from it can be used for sporting activities such as skiing, cross-country skiing or cold weather fitness running.

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    • Manufacturer: HANNAH
    • Product code: 116HH0006KJ03
    • colour : šedá
    • sex : female

  • HANNAH Galle, Misty

    Galle, Misty
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