DEVOLD Expedition Man Shirt Black - men's expedition shirt

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  • This model is a base layer for extreme conditions. Wind, cold, frost and minor rain don't stand a chance. This two-layer shirt can keep your body warm in all conditions. A two-layer construction in which the main role of the inner layer is to quickly move excess moisture away from the body to the second layer, where it evaporates.

    Both layers also provide excellent insulation. Two weaker layers are always better than one strong layer. That's why the Expedition is very popular for its great thermal comfort and maximum freedom of movement. Ideal for cold and freezing conditions for winter activities, alpine hiking, hunting, etc.

    Extremely warm two-layer shirt not only for polar explorers but also for big freezers. Wrap your body with a perfect fitting cut, which is supported by the choice of a very flexible material that allows you maximum freedom of movement in any activity. The flat seams prevent unpleasant chafing and unpleasant blisters on the skin.

    Doubled material on sleeve cuffs ensures shape stability and greater resistance to mechanical damage. The extremely comfortable but very close fit makes layering easy and provides a wonderful feeling of freedom.Extended back guarantees you protection against cold even in deep bends.

    • two-layer - high thermal insulation, great moisture wicking
    • flat seams - no skin chafing, more comfort
    • warm and dry in all weather
    • double material on sleeve cuffs - shape stability, greater resistance to mechanical damage
    • extended back - protection against cold
    • Wool does not melt or burn and provides naturally high protection against harmful UV rays.
    • Devold doesn't smell even if you sweat in it several times, because the wool prevents the growth of bacteria.
    • Thermal underwear actively regulates your thermal comfort - warm in winter, cool in heat.
    • Devold underwear is lighter and more comfortable to wear than other materials thanks to special processing
    • Devold can dress you for any activity and in any conditions.
    • ideal shirt for when you need to layer up
    • 100% natural merino wool - keeps you warm even when wet

    Everyone will appreciate the easy maintenance WITHOUT the need for ironing and the ability to WASH the shirt in the washing machine and DRY it in the dryer.


    Inner: 100% Merino wool
    Outer: 90% Merino wool, 10% Polyamide.
    Graphage: Extra warm 235gr/m2, Fiber: Fine 18.7micron

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: DEVOLD
    • Product code: GO-155-224-A-950A
    • colour : černá
    • sex : male

  • DEVOLD Expedition Man Shirt Black

    Expedition Man Shirt Black
    Expedition Man Shirt Black
  • Quality, long-lasting garments since 1853. Famous polar explorers such as Ellsworth, Amundsen and Nansen chose Devold knitted sweaters, caps, socks and underwear for their expeditions. The same patterns that helped members of these expeditions survive the harshest climate in the world are still in production today! High-quality natural sheep's wool is still the basic material used in Devold clothing.

    Outdoor enthusiasts choose Devold because it is both functional and comfortable for long term wear.

    Devold functional underwear will stand up to years of use and never go out of style!

    Put Devold to the natural test and you'll never want to settle for anything but quality Devold clothing again.