DEVOLD EXPEDITION WOMAN LONG JOHNS black - women's thermal trousers

  • Expedition two-layer wool underwear Devold designed for extreme weather conditions, tested on several polar expeditions. The inner layer of this model is made of 100% merino wool and the outer layer consists of 90% merino wool with Aquaduct function together with 10% polyamide to increase the durability of the thermal underwear.

    The Devold® Expedition Thermal Pants insulate very well and have a unique moisture wicking ability. The Aquaduct feature in the outer layer absorbs moisture away from the bodythrough the inner layer and allows it to evaporate quickly.

    With this thermal underwear, you will stay dry and warm even in very cold temperatures.

    This Devold ® model is machine washable and can be tumble dried at low temperatures.

    Outer material: 90% merino wool / 10% polyamide
    Inner material: 100% merino wool
    Material weight: 235 g/m2
    Fiber: 19.5 microns

    Merino wool has so-called natural thermoregulating properties. The wool can absorb water vapor into its fibers. It can hold up to 33% of its dry weight in water without feeling damp on the body and wicks away moisture much faster than, for example, the widely used cotton. Since woolen goods (in proportion to their total volume) up to 85% air exist, they are a good thermal insulation: very little body heat escapes. Wool absorbs dirt because the fiber is very flexible. Wool is very colourfast and fire resistant. It does not burn, but only chars. Unlike synthetic fibres, wool absorbs odours (e.g. from sweat), and has a natural self-cleaning function - odours are absorbed and re-separated into the air, and the wool smells fresh and neutral in a short time in fresh air. Wool can chemically bind and neutralise sweat for a very long time, Merino wool is soft and very flexible. It is therefore particularly suitable, for example, as a base layer (onion skin principle).

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: DEVOLD
    • Product code: GO-155-110-A-950A
    • colour : černá
    • Season : přechází

  • Quality, long-lasting garments since 1853. Famous polar explorers such as Ellsworth, Amundsen and Nansen chose Devold knitted sweaters, caps, socks and underwear for their expeditions. The same patterns that helped members of these expeditions survive the harshest climate in the world are still in production today! High-quality natural sheep's wool is still the basic material used in Devold clothing.

    Outdoor enthusiasts choose Devold because it is both functional and comfortable for long term wear.

    Devold functional underwear will stand up to years of use and never go out of style!

    Put Devold to the natural test and you'll never want to settle for anything but quality Devold clothing again.


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