DEVOLD Breeze - men's trousers

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  • Lightweight base layer suitable for summer, but also autumn and winter weather. A soft and lightweight garment that is made from particularly soft Total Easy Care® merino wool.

    Devold® Breeze is developed for conditions where you need a lightweight and highly breathable garment that can regulate your body temperature. The pants have a cooling effect when it is warm and will warm your skin when the temperature drops. Its very soft fibers make Devold® Breeze ideal for people who are sensitive to wool.

    The garment is machine washable and tumble dry on low heat. It insulates well, keeps you warm even when wet and the material is very breathable. It naturally resists odours - especially appreciated during multi-day sporting activities without the possibility of washing or changing.

    Cool in the heat, warm in the winter! The perfect thermal trousers from DEVOLD that you will appreciate in every situation.

    Material: 100% merino wool 150 g/m2 fibre 17.5 microns

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: DEVOLD
    • Product code: GO-180-124-A-950A
    • colour : Black
    • sex : male

  • Quality, long-lasting garments since 1853. Famous polar explorers such as Ellsworth, Amundsen and Nansen chose Devold knitted sweaters, caps, socks and underwear for their expeditions. The same patterns that helped members of these expeditions survive the harshest climate in the world are still in production today! High-quality natural sheep's wool is still the basic material used in Devold clothing.

    Outdoor enthusiasts choose Devold because it is both functional and comfortable for long term wear.

    Devold functional underwear will stand up to years of use and never go out of style!

    Put Devold to the natural test and you'll never want to settle for anything but quality Devold clothing again.