ROCK EMPIRE 1B Slight Man Světle zelená - The Saddle

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  • ROCK EMPIRE 1B SLIGHT MAN - single strap

    A very lightweight, comfortable, single-section harness specifically designed for sport climbing. Thanks to its light weight and solid legs, you will experience maximum comfort and freedom of movement.The 1B Slight is so light you won't even know it's there.

    In 1B SLIGHT you can meet Iva Vejmolová, Faith Dickey - the world's best slackliner
    • Low weight
    • Maximum comfort and freedom of movement
    • Ultralight and ultrathin harness
    • Distribution of forces is maximally effective over the entire padding area
    • Solid legs
    • 1 aluminium quick release 16 mm
    • Innovative lightweight ergonomic padding
    • 4 asymmetric material loops


    Construction: sandwich
    Closure: QB
    Material loops: webbing
    Weight: 259 g (size L)
    Loop strength: 5 kg

    SLIGHT System
    The new SLIGHT harnesses are designed to distribute forces as efficiently as possible across the entire padding area. Add to that a fantastic weight of less than 310g and you have a harness you don't even know you have on your body. So the old technology of foam padding edging is abandoned, which creates an inefficient decomposition of the forces acting on the climber's body, where all the work is done by the outermost straps of the edging and the padding itself is used only minimally to decompose the forces. SLIGHT is light, comfortable, modern, simply as we say at ROCK EMPIRE READY TO CLIMB!

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: ROCK EMPIRE
    • Product code: VUS012.000-6
    • colour : zelená

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