ROCK EMPIRE Lanyard Sara - anchoring and fastening device

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  • ROCK EMPIRE LANYARD SARA - anchoring and fastening device

    Sara is an anchoring and fastening agent suitable for anchoring or connecting parts of a belay or work chain wherever the use of textile anchoring and fastening agents would be dangerous or ineffective.

    Both connection lugs are reinforced with a steel liner to protect the wire rope and also ensure comfortable handling of the couplings used. The body of the Sara is then protected by a transparent plastic hose, which increases the life of the product while maintaining the ability to check it regularly.

    • Sheath reinforced with steel insert
    • Transparent plastic hose


    Rope diameter: 8 mm
    Material: steel
    Surface finish: zinc
    Strength: 22 kN
    Specification: EN 354, EN 795 B, EN 16 415
    Weight: 379 g

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: ROCK EMPIRE
    • Product code: ZLR080.020+0080W

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