HEY SPORT Leather Combi Wash 250 ml - detergent for leather

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  • Smart care for the combination of leather and textile.
    HEY SPORT® Leather Combi Wash keeps leather soft and supple and ensures that the leather shape remains stable. Particularly suitable for leather trousers, jackets and gloves.

    Capacity: 250 ml

    General product information

    Warranty period 24 months
    Manufacturer: HEY SPORT, made in Germany

    Instructions for use:
    When washing, follow the fabric manufacturer's instructions. If the fabric is heavily soiled, we recommend pre-washing. Dosage: for lightly soiled laundry use 1 and 1/4 caps (40 ml) of product, for heavily soiled laundry use 45 ml of product, for heavily soiled laundry use 50 ml of product. For hand washing, use 50 ml of detergent in approx. 8 l of warm water. One bottle of detergent lasts for about 6 washes.
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: HEY SPORT
    • Product code: SR00023

  • High quality athletic & leisure clothing should always be washed and cared for with products that protect the longevity of the fibres and waterproofing. HEY Sport developed intelligent cleaning products and waterproofing product for textiles and leather. These products surround the fibres of your clothing and actively repel water. Enjoy a longer lifespan for your clothes!

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