NANOPROTECH Inproducts Premium 400ml, pracovní oděvy - Impregnace na pracovní oděvy

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  • The fourth impregnation from the Inproducts range is designed for professionals in various fields. Its aim is to help and make everyday life easier for all those who are constantly exposed to extreme conditions in their profession. These are conditions that can often cause them to get wet, excessively dirty, etc., despite the use of proper workwear.

    Firefighters, foresters, assemblers, mechanics, builders, labourers, cooks, laboratory technicians, doctors, dentists, butchers, industrial workers; make your daily life easier with us!

    This is no ordinary impregnation product. Impregnation for workwear provides treated materials with oleophobicity and resistance to salt and other aggressive substances. All this without any alteration of the treated surface; there is no risk of loss of breathability, stiffening or other damage to the materials.

    Thanks to the strong silicon bonds formed on the fibres of the textile, it is long-lasting and can withstand machine washing. Therefore, workwear lasts longer clean even under extreme stress and maintenance intervals can be significantly reduced.

    • Composition. The product is a dispersion of modified hybrid particles in an aqueous solution. It contains silicon nanoparticles. It does not contain substances hazardous to health or the aquatic environment.
    • Consumption: 25 - 100 ml/m2, depending on the absorption properties of the material.
    • Shelf life: minimum 2 years from the date of manufacture.
    • Capacity: 400 ml
    Instructions for use:
    Apply the impregnation by uniform spraying from a distance of 10 - 20 cm. For 100% function, the impregnation should be applied so that it is thoroughly absorbed into the pre-washed material free of all dirt and chemicals. For a complete curing of the silicon protective layer it is necessary to wait 24 hours. Store at temperatures between 3 °C and 30 °C. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
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  • Společnost specializující se na vývoj a výrobu technických produktů na bázi nanotechnologie již od roku 2012. Vyvíjíme a vyrábíme inovativní produkty pod značkami NANOPROTECH, GNP a INPRODUCTS.

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