BONTRAGER Fat Tube (29-inch) Pr Vlv 36mm - inner tube

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  • This Fatbike inner tube is exactly what it claims to be: an inner tube specifically developed for Fatbikes. Custom sizes are perfectly matched to Bontrager Fatbike tires.

    The high-quality 26-inch tube has 0.9mm thick walls and meets all Fatbike requirements.

    Wide tires need wide tubes.

    0.9mm wall thickness
    With replaceable valve inserts
    Tested to the highest quality

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    • Manufacturer: BONTRAGER
    • Product code: 440140
    • colour : černá

  • Our offer from BONTRAGER includes a very wide selection of cycling components such as panniers, blinkers, mudguards, bike computers, tubes, grips, cranks, baskets, bike bottles, pedals, handlebars, handlebars, saddles, seatposts, forks, tires, wraps, horns, protectors, stands, tangle wheels.

    From working out of his garage in California in the early 80's, Keith Bontrager has evolved into a globally respected manufacturer of the finest cycling accessories and components. Keith's mantra was simple: first, durable, second, lightweight.