R2 LOOP, ATR06L - Children's cycling gloves

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  • R2 LOOP are excellent children's gloves that children will love to wear thanks to the maximum elastic material that is perfectly able to adapt to the shape of the child's hand. The padding on the palm brings not only comfort, but also increased puncture resistance in case of a fall.

    EasyOff drawstring rings then make it considerably easier for children or parents to take it off. There are certainly several nice LOOP colour options to choose from.

    • PRO GEL filling
    • flexible material
    • adjusts well to the shape of the hand.
    • fleece area on the back of the thumb PRO WIPE
    • retractable loops on the inside of the fingers EASY OFF


    Color: green, black
    Gel padding: PRO GEL significantly absorbs shock and increases comfort.
    Made of: flexible material that conforms well to the shape of the hand.

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: R2
    • Product code: ATR 06L
    • colour : zelená/černá
    • sex : kids

  • R2 LOOP, ATR06L

    LOOP, ATR06L
    LOOP, ATR06L
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