THERMOS Mobilní termohrnek 500 ml tyrkysová - Stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle

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  • The elegant vacuum insulated Motion JNL thermos is designed for everyday use all year round. It is a mobile thermos - combining the advantages of a classic thermos and a thermo mug.

    The compact size, light weight, waterproof, easy opening/closing and vacuum insulation make the thermos bottle suitable for drivers, parents, sportsmen, travellers or people on the move. The mobile thermos fits well in the hand, easily fits in a backpack, stroller or car cup holder.

    Stainless steel vacuum insulated 500 ml bottle for everyday use - ideal for: drivers, hikers, athletes, travelers, ...

    Drink from thermos
    Hot and cold drinks can be drunk directly from the thermos - without pouring into a cup. In the case of a hot drink, the drinker can use the drinker to cool the drink by tilting the thermos and pouring a small amount of liquid into the drinker compartment.

    Opening the thermos with one hand
    Opening the thermos is very quick and easy. Open the thermos with just one hand. Procedure: 1 - release the lock, 2 - press the bottom of the button, 3 - the lid of the thermos opens. You will appreciate opening the thermos with one hand wherever you need at least one hand free - in the car, on a tow, etc. Close the thermos by snapping the lid shut - you can secure it again with the lock.

    Lightweight and compact thermos
    The mobile thermos is surprisingly lightweight and compact.

    Easy maintenance of the thermos
    The practical design of the cap and seal of the thermos allows easy maintenance and perfect washing. Simply press the safety catch (1) to slide the drinker out of the cap (2).

    The wide neck of the thermos
    The thermos can keep the drink at a constant temperature for a long time. Ice cubes can be used to keep the temperature of the drink low and simply pass through the wide neck (4 cm). You will appreciate the possibility of cooling your drink during the summer months.


    • Ideal for: drivers, hikers, athletes, travelers, parents...
    • Opening and closing the thermo bottle with one hand - suitable for people always on the move.
    • Drinking directly from the ergonomic drinker of the thermo mug - without a cup.
    • Designed for everyday use, fits well in your hand or car cup holder.
    • The thermo bottle body is made of durable stainless steel.
    • Thermos double wall vacuum insulation - maximum thermal insulation.
    • Very lightweight and compact design, easily fits in a backpack, stroller, or car cup holder.
    • 4 cm wide neck - even ice cubes will pass through.
    • Watertight cap with elegant lock.
    • Removable seal and spout for easy cleaning.
    • Full range of spare parts.
    • BPA free.


    Volume: 500 ml
    Height: 220 mm
    Diameter: 65 mm (75 mm through the lock)
    Neck diameter: 40 mm
    Weight: 210 g
    Keeps hot: 16 hours, over 68°C after 6 hours
    Keeps cold: 18 hours, below 10°C after 6 hours

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: THERMOS
    • Product code: 130052
    • colour : Blue
    • sizes : 22x6,5 cm
    • volume : 0.5 L

  • THERMOS Mobile thermo mug 500 ml turquoise

    Mobile thermo mug 500 ml turquoise
    Mobile thermo mug 500 ml turquoise
  • Before the Thermos brand became famous, it was just an idea. Ambition. A scientific feat that turned into a breakthrough innovation in the home. In 1904, Thermos was the first company to develop consumer products using vacuum insulation. The origin of the company's name can be found in the Greek language, where one of the meanings of the word "therme" is "hot". The company name THERMOS became the basis for the common name of the insulating bottles - thermoses.

    With our durable double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation technology, you're sure to find a product that fits your lifestyle while providing superior performance with exceptional durability.