THERMOS Hydratační termoska 1000 ml tmavě modrá - Stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle

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  • Fluid intake is very important during sport. The Thermos Sport vacuum insulated thermos keeps your drink at the desired temperature for a long time.

    The design of the thermos responds to the needs of athletes - fast refilling of liquids, easy and quick opening and closing, simple maintenance - easy to wash after using energy drinks. The thermos comes with a bottom protection and anti-slip ring.

    Stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle with protective features, 1.0 l in dark blue.

    Drinking from the thermos

    The beverage can be drunk directly from the thermos - without pouring into a cup. The closure of the thermos allows a high flow rate for quick refills of hot or cold liquids, e.g. during sports breaks.

    Opening and closing the thermos

    Opening the thermos is quick and easy. The thermos can be opened with just one hand. Procedure: 1 - release the lock, 2 - press the bottom of the button, 3 - the thermos lid opens.

    Easy maintenance of the thermos

    The practical design of the thermos cap and seal allows easy washing.

    Anti-slip ring

    The thermos does not slip out of a wet hand. The non-slip ring ensures a secure grip and also serves as a protection against impact.

    Bottom protection

    The silicone bottom protector cushions the thermos from dropping and protects the bottom from scratches.

    Wide thermos neck

    The thermos can keep the drink at a constant temperature for a long time. Ice cubes can be used to achieve a low beverage temperature, which simply pass through the wide neck (4.5 cm). You will appreciate the possibility of cooling your drink during the summer months during outdoor sports.


    • Ideal for sports such as tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey,...
    • The wide drinking spout allows for quick hydration.
    • The thermos is very easy to open - with a single squeeze.
    • Thermos double-walled vacuum insulation - maximum thermal insulation.
    • Thermos bottle body is made of durable stainless steel.
    • Wide neck 4,5 cm - even ice cubes will pass through.
    • Supplied with bottom protection and anti-slip ring.
    • Watertight cap with elegant lock.
    • Easy cleaning of all components, including the sleeve.
    • Full range of spare parts.
    • BPA free.


    Volume: 1000 ml.
    Height: 290 mm
    Diameter: 85 mm
    Diameter of neck: 45 mm
    Weight: 400 g (360 g without anti-slip ring and bottom cap)
    Keeps hot: not intended for hot drinks - scalding may occur
    Keeps warm: 14 hours
    Keeps cold: 18 hours, below 9°C after 6 hours

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: THERMOS
    • Product code: 140071 (FHQ-1000 NV-P)
    • colour : Blue
    • sizes : 29x8,5 cm
    • volume : 1 L

  • THERMOS Hydrating thermos 1000 ml dark blue

    Hydrating thermos 1000 ml dark blue
    Hydrating thermos 1000 ml dark blue
    Hydrating thermos 1000 ml dark blue
    Hydrating thermos 1000 ml dark blue
  • Before the Thermos brand became famous, it was just an idea. Ambition. A scientific feat that turned into a breakthrough innovation in the home. In 1904, Thermos was the first company to develop consumer products using vacuum insulation. The origin of the company's name can be found in the Greek language, where one of the meanings of the word "therme" is "hot". The company name THERMOS became the basis for the common name of the insulating bottles - thermoses.

    With our durable double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation technology, you're sure to find a product that fits your lifestyle while providing superior performance with exceptional durability.