THERMOS Skleněná termokonvice s pumpou 1,9 l metalicky šedá - Vacuum insulated thermoconvection

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  • The pump thermos with glass insert is designed for everyday use in the home, office or restaurant. The glass insert is embedded in a high-quality plastic body, which is equipped with a handle.

    The thermos body is finished in metallic silver to eliminate fingerprints. The thermos achieves good insulating properties for both hot and cold drinks. The pump button is lockable to prevent accidental pouring.

    The base of the thermos is fully rotatable - minimizing handling. Easy maintenance of the thermos thanks to the wide neck, removable cap and seal.

    Vacuum insulated thermo can / thermos for drinks with glass insert and pump with a capacity of 1.9 l.
    • Thermo bottle with vacuum insulated glass insert.
    • Pump system with lock.
    • 360° rotatable thermos base.
    • Practical handle for comfortable grip.
    • Outer surface in metallic silver - easy to maintain, fingerprint resistant.
    • One-hand operation.
    • Easy cleaning - disassembled pump system.
    • Removable cap.
    • Spare parts: pumping system.
    • Currently, due to its fragile nature, the glass insert is not distributed as a replacement part.


    Capacity: 1.9 l
    Height: 358 mm
    Diameter: 160 mm
    Neck diameter: 42 mm
    Weight: 1170 g
    Keeps hot: 12 hours
    Keeps cold: 24 hours

    Glass thermoses contain a glass vacuum liner. The thermos must therefore be handled gently. Bumping, dropping on the ground or knocking the thermos over can damage the glass liner, see instructions.

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: THERMOS
    • Product code: 194030
    • colour : grey
    • sizes : 38,5x16 cm
    • volume : 1.9 L

  • THERMOS Glass thermo can with pump 1,9 l metallic grey

    Glass thermo can with pump 1,9 l metallic grey
    Glass thermo can with pump 1,9 l metallic grey
    Glass thermo can with pump 1,9 l metallic grey
    Glass thermo can with pump 1,9 l metallic grey
  • Before the Thermos brand became famous, it was just an idea. Ambition. A scientific feat that turned into a breakthrough innovation in the home. In 1904, Thermos was the first company to develop consumer products using vacuum insulation. The origin of the company's name can be found in the Greek language, where one of the meanings of the word "therme" is "hot". The company name THERMOS became the basis for the common name of the insulating bottles - thermoses.

    With our durable double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation technology, you're sure to find a product that fits your lifestyle while providing superior performance with exceptional durability.