YATE CONTOUR 3,8 červená/šedá - Self-inflating mattress

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  • YATE CONTOUR 3,8 - self-inflating car mattress

    YATE CONTOUR has the same parameters as the TREKKER model, but has a slightly different upper material with a contour pattern. It stands out for its quality of material and workmanship. The upper is 75D polyester, which is durable and prevents the sleeping bag from slipping.

    The padded core and Warm Zone ensures that there is more foam under the back to provide sufficient insulation. When packing, it can be folded in half to create a 14x26cm pack that fits comfortably in a backpack. New REVERSE valve!

    The mattress comes with a carrying case and repair kit. The pocket for the repair kit is inside the pack to prevent damage or loss.

    • New REVERSE valve!
    • Shipping case and repair kit included
    • Can be folded in half when packing
    • Thickness 3.9 cm
    • Contour pattern
    • Quality material
    • Slip-resistant properties


    Surface: PES 75D
    Type: self-inflating
    Colour: Red / Grey
    Weight: 780 g (may vary ±10%)
    Dimension: 183 x 51 x 3.8 cm
    Dimension after packing: 14 x 26 cm
    Cutting in half yes
    Thermal resistance: 3.9

    In nature, it often happens that the sleeping place is not ideally flat, so even a comfortable car mattress may not fully fulfill its purpose when a person slips off it with a sleeping bag. For this reason, we have developed a special surface with a "MICRO BRUSHED" treatment that increases friction and prevents the sleeping bag from sliding. We use this surface on most of our models.

    Objednejte si YATE Self-inflating mattress, dnes se slevou 10%

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: YATE
    • Product code: SC00081
    • sizes : 183 x 51 x 3,8 cm
    • colour : červená/šedá

  • YATE CONTOUR 3,8 red/grey

    CONTOUR 3,8 red/grey
    CONTOUR 3,8 red/grey
    CONTOUR 3,8 red/grey
    CONTOUR 3,8 red/grey
    CONTOUR 3,8 red/grey
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