YATE ALPIN 3,8 modrá/šedá - Self-inflating mattress

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  • YATE ALPIN - self-inflating car mattress

    YATE ALPIN is a model that uses the latest materials to achieve the lowest weight and volume after packing while maintaining maximum comfort and thermal comfort. Thanks to new surface and core materials, we have managed to reduce the weight to just 620g.

    YATE ALPIN has been fitted with our new REVERSE valve, which allows for faster inflation and deflation. This model is designed for hiking, VHT and mountaineering for use in tents or places where there is no risk of surface damage. The material of the upper is polyester 20 D (weight 20 g/m2). This allows the mattress to be very lightweight, but care must be taken not to damage the surface by rocks, sharp sticks etc.

    The lightweight core with Warm Zone ensures that there is more foam under the back to provide sufficient insulation. The mattress comes with a carrying case and repair kit. A pocket for the repair kit is inside the packaging to prevent damage or loss.

    • Modern materials
    • Low weight
    • Excellent comfort and thermal comfort
    • New Reverse valveQuick inflation and deflation
    • Excellent insulation
    • Includes carrying case and repair kit


    Surface: 20D Polyester
    Color. Blue
    Dimensions: 183 x 51 x 3.8 cm
    Dimension after packing: 14 x 26 cm
    Folding to 1/2: yes
    Weight: 620 g (may vary ±10%)
    Heat resistance: 3.9
    Warranty period: 24 months

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: YATE
    • Product code: SC00138
    • sizes : 183 x 51 x 3,8 cm
    • colour : modrá/šedá

  • YATE ALPIN 3,8 modrá/šedá

    ALPIN 3,8 modrá/šedá
    ALPIN 3,8 modrá/šedá
    ALPIN 3,8 modrá/šedá
    ALPIN 3,8 modrá/šedá
    ALPIN 3,8 modrá/šedá
    ALPIN 3,8 modrá/šedá
    ALPIN 3,8 modrá/šedá
  • The YATE brand forms the basis and the largest part of our offer. It has been manufacturing products for more than 27 years and is mainly known for its outdoor equipment. Many customers have associated YATE primarily with its wide range of caravans. But today these form only part of our outdoor collection, the catalogue includes a wide range of products for hiking, camping and climbing.

    In addition to equipment for outdoor activities, you will also find fitness and water sports equipment in our assortment.

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