FENIX ARE-X1 - USB charger

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  • Compact USB charger Fenix ARE-X1 for one 18650 or 26650 li-ion battery. When a charged battery is inserted, it also works as a backup power bank for charging USB devices (mobile phones, MP3 players and more).

    The charger is designed for 3.7V and 3.6V lithium-ion batteries with a length of 65 - 70 millimeters. Charging current up to 1000mA, depending on the capabilities of the USB source to which you will have the charger connected (computer, USB power supply, mobile phone charger with micro USB). Charging time can thus range from approximately 4 to 10 hours. Thanks to its minimal dimensions, the charger is particularly suitable for travel.

    • Single charging channel, CC/CV charging algorithm
    • Termination of charging at a battery voltage of maximum 4.20V
    • Charging current up to 1000mA (depending on the capabilities of the USB source)
    • Supported li-ion batteries: 18650 li-ion, 17670, 26650
    • Charging time is typically 4 - 10 hours
    • Backwards battery insertion protection
    • Short circuit, overcharging and overly deep discharge protection

    USB output parameters:
    When a charged li-ion battery is inserted, it also works as a backup USB power supply for charging mobile phones and other USB devices. USB output parameters: 5V, max 1000mA.

    Weight of charger: 42 grams
    Dimensions: 104 x 32 x 32 mm

    Charging li-ion batteries
    Connect the charger with the included USB cable to your computer, USB AC adapter or USB car adapter. A standard mobile phone charger with a micro-USB connector can also be used for power. Insert a dead battery and the indicator LED will glow red during charging. When fully charged, it will light up green.
    Charging USB devices (use as a backup USB power supply)
    Insert a charged li-ion battery into the charger. Plug the USB cable into the USB output connector. During charging of a USB device (e.g. mobile phone), the indicator LED flashes red. When charging is complete, or the 18650 battery is discharged, the indicator LED will go completely off.
    Do not charge Li-ion cells that have undergone an over-discharge condition (below 2V). When using the charger, please observe the safety guidelines. We recommend using good quality protected li-ion batteries. It is not intended for charging LiFePO4 batteries.
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    • Manufacturer: FENIX
    • Product code: FENAREX1
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