FENIX AOT-L - Police traffic cone warning

  • FENIX AOT-L - warning cone

    Red Fenix AOT-L signal cone for LD41, FD41, RC20 and older models E40, E50, TK22, RC15, UC45 and UC50. It scatters the originally very narrow light beam of the flashlight reflector in all directions.

    The traffic cone warning lamp can thus be used, for example, for land and air traffic control. It is a suitable accessory for police, firefighters, paramedics and airport staff.


    • Made of transparent impact resistant polycarbonate PC 2805
    • High temperature resistance
    • Temperature stability
    • Simply and quickly deployable and removable from the flashlight
    • Available in red
    • Length 18,5 cm, outer diameter at reflector 4,5 cm, inner diameter 4,1 - 3,9 cm
    • Gradually tapers in three steps

    Fit for flashlights:
    Fenix E40, E50, LD41, FD41, TK22, RC15, RC20, UC45, UC50 and other models with head diameter around 40 millimeters.

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: FENIX
    • Product code: FEAOTL


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