FENIX AOD-S - Diffuser

  • FENIX AOD-S - diffuser

    White omnidirectional diffuser Fenix AOD-S suitable for flashlights with head diameter 20 - 24 millimeters. The diffuser disperses the initially very narrow light beam of the flashlight's headlight to all sides.

    The use of the flashlight is thus extended to include the function of a lamp, for example, for comfortable illumination of a room or tent or the flashlight can also be used as a signal lamp. The upper part of the diffuser is flat, so the flashlight can be placed on it.

    Compatible with the following types of flashlights:

    E series: E15 XP-G2, E20, E25, E35
    LD series: LD11, LD12, LD22
    PD series: PD25, PD32, PD35
    UC series: UC30, UC35

    • Made of transparent impact resistant polycarbonate PC 2805
    • High temperature resistance, temperature stability
    • Simply and quickly deployable and removable from the flashlight
    • Milky white colour
    • Height 5 cm, inner diameter 2.55 cm, outer diameter at reflector 2.9 cm
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: FENIX
    • Product code: FENIXDIFAODSV20


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