PINGUIN škrtadlo Firestarter, zelená - Magnesium throttle

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  • The Pinguin Firestarter magnesium throttle is made of magnesium alloy. You will appreciate its functionality in any weather conditions. The 3000°C spark will heat up both gas and petrol cookers. The lifetime of the choke is 5 000 - 12 000 chokes. ⌀8 x 42 mm.

    The Pinguin Firestarter magnesium choke works in all weather conditions.

    Material: No
    DESIGN: Hiking, VHT, Camping

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: PINGUIN
    • Product code: Firestarter

  • Outdoor clothing and equipment Pinguin. Czech brand with a history and a hallmark of quality. Choose from outdoor clothing and equipment for light and extreme hiking.

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