We do everything we can to ensure that your goods are shipped the same day you order. 

If the dispatch time is 2 days or more, the goods will be dispatched within the time specified in the product details.

  country price free from
Austria 150 Kč 4 999 Kč
Bulgary 150 Kč 4 999 Kč
Croatia 150 Kč 4 999 Kč
Denmark 250 Kč 7 999 Kč
Estonia 150 Kč 5 999 Kč
Finland 350 Kč 9 999 Kč
Germany 150 Kč 4 999 Kč
Hungary 150 Kč 4 999 Kč
Ireland 150 Kč 9 999 Kč
Italy 150 Kč 4 999Kč
Latvia 150 Kč 5 999 Kč
Lithuania 150 Kč 4 999 Kč
Nederland 250 Kč 4 999 Kč
Poland 150 Kč 4 999 Kč
Portugal 150 Kč 5 000 Kč
Czech 65 Kč 999 Kč
Romania 150 Kč 4 999 Kč
  Slovakia 70 Kč 999 Kč
Slovenia 150 Kč 4 999 Kč
Spain 150 Kč 4 999 Kč

Orders can be paid by the following methods:

Credit card: 3-D Secure is used to accept credit cards. The cardholder enters the card details directly in Česká Spořitelna's environment, so we do not have access to our customers' card details at all. All sensitive card data is stored in the bank's secure environment.

Cash on delivery: In the Czech Republic, you pay the courier in cash on delivery in CZK, in Slovakia you pay for cash on delivery in EUR.

You can also transfer money from your account directly to our account. For international transfer in eur you will need our IBAN and Swift/BIC code (  EUR: 6699-80025362/0800, IBAN:CZ03 0800 0066 9900 8002 5362, BIC: GIBACZPX)

PayPal: A fast, simple and secure modern payment method.  After submitting your order, you will be redirected to your PayPal account where you only need to confirm the amount.

Personal collection in our shop in Moravské Budějovice is possible. In this case, just select any carrier and payment method in the order basket and write in the customer's note e.g. "Personal collection in store". Of course, you will not be charged for postage.

For a product ordered with personal collection, please come only after you have received a personal collection invitation by email.